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Emily Schlinz MSN, FNP-C, DCNP

Emily Schlinz MSN, FNP-C, DCNP is originally from the Midwest. Growing up, she moved around the country quite a bit with her family, but spent many years, including her high school years, in a small town in northwest Iowa. After high school, Emily looked forward to living in a larger city and moved to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University where she pursued a degree in nursing. Emily continued her college classes through the summers and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in just under 3 years.

Emily started her nursing career in Kingman, Arizona where she worked at the local community hospital. Next, with her adventurous spirit, she accepted a 2-year nursing position in Anchorage, Alaska. While in Anchorage, Emily worked in general pediatrics and the pediatric intensive care unit. She also had a unique opportunity to work for Life Alaska Donor Services. She flew all over the state of Alaska with a small team to help recover tissue for donation.  After 2 years in Alaska, Emily was ready to live in a warmer climate again. She moved back to Phoenix and spent several years working in a pediatric emergency department and level 1 trauma center as a trauma nurse leader.

Scottsdale Skin Boutique & Dermatology

Emily continued her education to earn a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. She became a board-certified family nurse practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Emily always had a passion for dermatology and entered a dermatology nurse practitioner fellowship program at a large group dermatology practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. After completion of the fellowship training program, Emily continued to enjoy working at this practice for several years. As soon as she was eligible, Emily passed the board examination to become a certified dermatology nurse practitioner through the Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board. Emily specializes in general medical and surgical dermatology.

At Scottsdale Skin Boutique & Dermatology, Emily is dedicated to delivering highly competent care that is timely and tailored to individualized needs to create a caring, professional, and positive patient centered experience. 

Emily is a member of the Society of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners, Dermatology Nurses' Association, and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. 

Emily lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her French Bulldog named Floyd. She enjoys spending time with her sister, niece, and parents who also reside in the Phoenix area. During the hot summers, Emily enjoys traveling up to Flagstaff to take pleasure in the outdoors.