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What is Hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is a normal body function that helps control temperature. Sweat evaporates from the skin and cools the body. Heat and emotion will make most people sweat. Hyperhidrosis is too much sweating. It is more than what is needed to control body temperature. Hyperhidrosis is a common skin problem. Five percent (5%) or more of all people may suffer from it. Hyperhidrosis can affect people of any age, however it usually starts before the age of 25. If you believe you have hyperhidrosis and are interested in learning more about treatment, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with with one of our expert dermatology providers at your earliest convenience.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

In most cases, we do not know exactly what causes hyperhidrosis. We do know the sweat glands and nerves play a major role. Nerves send signals to the sweat glands that cause them to make sweat. Excessive sweating without a known cause is considered primary focal hyperhidrosis. Primary focal hyperhidrosis is the most common type of hyperhidrosis and it may run in families. In some cases, an underlying medical condition or medication causes hyperhidrosis, and this is considered secondary hyperhidrosis.

What Hyperhidrosis Treatments are Available at Scottsdale Skin Boutique & Dermatology?

No single treatment works for everyone. Factors such as age, location, severity, and previous therapy may guide treatment decisions. The expert dermatology providers at Scottsdale Skin Boutique & Dermatology will help you choose which treatments are best for your hyperhidrosis as well as review the risks and benefits. Options include:

  • Prescription antiperspirant
  • Oral and topical prescription medications
  • Neuromodulator (Botox/Dysport) injections
  • Laboratory testing

Am I a Good Candidate for Hyperhidrosis Treatments?

If you are struggling with excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis treatments at Scottsdale Skin Boutique & Dermatology may be right for you. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our expert dermatology providers to discuss your unique concerns.

The expert medical professionals at Scottsdale Skin Boutique & Dermatology are proud to offer comprehensive, personalized treatments for a variety of medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatologic concerns. Please contact us to schedule your appointment today at 480-998-1400. We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to your care.